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Summer Slam Tournament July 6th, 7th & 8th
$1000 Cash Prize For Winners

At Haber Recreation Centre
3040 Tim Dobbie Dr, Burlington, ONT

$550 Per Team

3 Game Guaranteed

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Week 4

Grindhouse League Playing Rules


Games will consist of Four (4) Quarters.
Halftime will consist of a 1 minute break.
Last two minutes of the game will be stop time after all made baskets if score within 10 points or less.
Ref does not Handle Ball in back court unless Foul/Violation
Zone Defence is Not allowed
5 second closely guarded rule in effect
8 seconds to cross half court
Substitutions can only be done at scoretable and player must indicate substitution
2 shot for technical foul called
Open court technical is 2 shot and the ball
5 fouls on any one player is disqualified from game


Each team will be given 2 (two) timeout per half
30 second timeouts per half.
Timeouts can be called on a live play, only by the team with possession
Timeouts cannot be carried over
Timeouts in the last 2 (two) minutes of the game advances the ball to mid court


Bonus on the 5th foul (per quarter).
To avoid consecutive fouls in the last 2 minuets of the game, teams will be granted one foul to give. The following foul will automatically enter a team into double bonus fouls.

Technical Fouls/ Flagrant Fouls:

Technical Fouls and/ or Flagrant Fouls will be handed out at the discretion of the games Officials. Any call by the games Officials are final and will stand.

player is automatically ejected from the game if they receive two technical fouls, or a Technical and Flagrant 1, or one Flagrant 2 foul.
Any ejected player will be issued an automatic 1 (one) game suspension and will be reviewed by GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL.
GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. reserves the right to suspend and/or ban any player(s) who is/are ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct, or any actions that is not in the best interest of GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL,

Jump Ball:

After the initial jump ball, any jump ball / tie-up situation will be determined by a possession arrow.


If a regular season game is tied at the end of regulation, a 2 (two) minute overtime period will be played.
Overtime periods during regular season will be caped at 2 overtime periods (for scheduling purposes)
Foul counts are extended from the second half and one additional timeout is given to each team.
The clock only stops in the last minute of overtime and only if the score differential is under 10 (ten) points.
If a regular season game enters a 2nd overtime, the first team that scores the first basket from anywhere on the court will be awarded as winner. (Sudden Death)
Playoff Overtime - will consist of 2 (two) overtime periods (2:00 each period)
If a playoff game goes into a 3rd overtime period, the team that scores first will be determined as the winner.

Team Size:

Teams can have a maximum of (10) players on their roster. 5 dressed players are needed to avoid a forfeit.


If a team fails to put 5 players on the court within 15 minutes of the start time that team will be forced to forfeit the game:

The game clock will start running as scheduled and a technical foul will be given to the offending team to start the game if the offending team is ready to play. (CAN PLAY WITH 4 PLAYERS 15 MINS INTO GAME)

After 15 minutes have lapsed and the offending team is unable to dress 5 players then the game will be forfeited.

If your team forfeits a match during the season, the following rules apply:

First Offence: game recorded as loss, warning issued and team is issued a formal warning.

Second Offence: game recorded as loss and GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. reserves the right to remove team from league and playoffs with no refund for games not played and team is issued a $100 fine.

Third Offence: Removal from the league and playoffs with no refund for games not played.

Note: If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, we encourage you to contact staff to find a replacement player from our Free Agent division (Minimum of 24 Hour Notice). (TEXT 289-7727875)

Player Eligibility:

All players must be registered with GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. For insurance and liability reasons, players cannot play unless registered with the league. Any team caught using players that are not registered during games will automatically be forfeited for that game and any game that the player had played.

Playoff Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for the playoffs, the player must have dressed for a minimum of 3 games of the regular 10 game season.

In the event that the player was injured for the season but available for the playoffs, the player must show-up/ sit on the team bench for a minimum of 3 games.

Bench rules:

Only registered players and designated coach’s may sit on the bench. Non-registered players, non-registered coaches and fans are not permitted to sit on the bench.


Each team must designate their coach on or before week 1.

Tiebreakers for playoff purposes:

Tie breakers will be based on head to head records, if both teams are still tied then point differential will be used. If still tied after point differential then the team who scored more points will advance.

Uniform Policy

A GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. approved jersey top is mandatory.

All team jerseys must be the same design and cannot have visible logos of other basketball leagues

As of January 1st 2018, players without a GRINDHOUSE Approved Jersey will not be permitted to play after Week 3.

In the event a player does not have a GRINDHOUSE approved jersey, the player will be charged with a $20 fine payable to Grindhouse Basketball.

In the event that jersey orders are late due to the fault of Grindhouse Basketball Inc. staff, a player may wear a GRINDHOUSE approved uniform.

A non-registered player wearing another registered players uniform with no prior communication will be asked to leave the venue and the identified team will forfeit their game.
Players on same team must all wear same COLOUR shorts


GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. is committed to the prevention of violence. We will take whatever steps are reasonable to protect our our community and its members from violence of all sources. To ensure the safety of our staff, members, volunteers, friends and visitors, As of 2017, GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL INC. enforces a Zero Tolerance Policy.

Violence is defined as:

The exercise of physical force by a person against another community member or player during a GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. event that causes or could cause physical injury to another person (Examples; hitting, shoving, pushing, kicking, etc...)

An attempt to exercise physical force against a community member or player, during a GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. event, that could cause physical injury to the community member or player (Examples; threatening behaviour, shaking fists, destroying property, throwing objects, verbal/written threats, etc...)

A statement or behaviour that it is reasonable for a community member or player to interpret as a threat to exercise physical force against the worker or player, during a Grindhouse event, that could cause physical injury to the community member or player (Examples; verbal abuse, swearing, insults, condescending language, etc...)

Violent acts of any nature on the court will not be tolerated. Players involved in altercations will be ejected and/or suspended according to the discretion of GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL.

PEEL Officials have been instructed to eject a player who throws a punch, whether or not it connects, or an elbow which makes contact above shoulder level. If elbow contact is shoulder level or below, it shall be left to the discretion of the official as to whether the player is ejected. Even if a punch or an elbow goes undetected by the officials during the game, but is detected during a review of a videotape, that player will be penalized.

There is absolutely no justification for fighting or abuse in a GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL game. The fact that you may feel provoked by another player or that the officials are not calling the game in your favour is not an acceptable excuse. If a player takes it upon himself to retaliate, he can expect to be subject to appropriate penalties.

Zero Tolerance for FIGHTING: Any fighting, harassment, racial slurs and verbal abuse against players, staff, referees and spectators will not be tolerated and each case will be reviewed by GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. individual may be banned with no refund and may be prosecuted under the Ontario Provincial Law. GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. reserves the right to suspend players and/ or teams for fighting.

Officials: All games will be regulated by OFFICIALS and decisions made are FINAL and will not be disputed.

Officials have the authority to issue technical/ flagrant fouls and eject players, coaches and fans from the game. Any ejected player will be issued an automatic 1 (one) game suspension and each case will be reviewed. GRINDHOUSE BASKETBALL. reserves the right to ban repeat offenders with no refund.

Player Code of Conduct

All players will treat officials and opponents with dignity and respect.

All players, regardless of ability and/or playing time are equal members of the team.

Each and every player will treat all teammates with acceptance and respect

Players will respect and appreciate each and every fan.

Player Responsibilities

1. Play to win.

2. Play fair, Observe the Rules of the Game.

3. Respect Opponents, Teammates, Referees, Officials, and Spectators.

4. Accept Defeat with Dignity. Win with modesty and give credit to teammates.

5. Always Promote the best interest of Megacity Basketball Inc.

6. Reject corruption, racism, and violence.

Spectators Code of Conduct

Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all personnel.

Guests will enjoy the basketball experience free from disruptive behaviour, including foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.

Guests will not engage in fighting, throwing objects or attempting to enter the court, and those who engage in any of these actions will immediately be ejected from the facility.

Guests will comply with requests from staff regarding arena operations and emergency response procedures.

The assigned facility staff has been trained to intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met, and guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behaviour to the nearest staff member. Guests who choose not to adhere to these provisions will be subject to ejection without hesitation and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.